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Why do we stand out from the crowd?  With our combination of people skills and dog skills, we will change your life (and your dog's) for the better! Experience? Yes. We have forty years of experience with our highly customized approach to training your dog and your family. In boarding school we work with only a few dogs at a time. This allows us to give each pet plenty of love and education. For boarding school, your dog lives with us on our beautiful property in a clean and happy environment...very unlike the industrial kennel or basement setting of many trainers. And of course, all our programs include follow up to insure your happiness and success. Most of our programs include a LIFETIME guarantee. We take the worry out of both training your dog and living happily ever after. We're gentle and effective. Plus we're a lot of fun. See for yourself. Call Marc Goldberg at 630-709-DOGS or Patrick Farrell at 630-973-8279. You'll see the difference.

What is my dog's day like during boarding school? Our kids are busy from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. We do multiple training sessions per day in the form of games, hikes, walks and field trips to busy retail environments like Starbucks. We work in the house too to shape up housebreaking and house manners. Supervised play sessions are included so dogs who like to play can blow off steam and learn to play politely while still paying attention to you.

If I send my dog to boarding school, will the training work for me at home? Yes, and we guarantee that. It works because we train you as well and because we send you home with a simple and gentle communication system that really works in your home.

What if I need more help later? Does your guarantee apply? We want our dogs and families to be happy and successful for a lifetime. That means we're always available to assist you over the phone with advice. If you need to see us again, guaranteed programs give you unlimited personal attention. Even those few programs which are not guaranteed for a lifetime include free phone advice and low-cost in person follow ups if ever needed. Frankly, our training works so well that only a small percentage of our clients require follow up. But those who do, will always receive whatever they need to be happy.

Will my dog miss me if I enroll in boarding school? It's just like camp. A fun activity starts even before you're driving away. Your dog will be happy and busy the entire time. We even send you video of your dog in training so you can see fun and progress in action. Your dog will have a blast at ChicagoDogTrainer.com. And he or she will be thrilled to see you come back so they can show off their new skills for you.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Improve the life of both dog and family. All too often, unruly dogs do not fully enjoy life because their families constantly become upset and frustrated with them. This is difficult for both family and dog.

Our mission is simple. Make both dog and family happy.

What does is take to make your dog happy? He will thrive when you give him leadership and attention.

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Chicago Dog Trainer - Marc Goldberg



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Ring the Potty Bell

The Potty BellTeach your Dog to Ring the Potty Bell! One of the most useful tricks a dog can learn is to ring a bell when it's time to "go!" Not only can you teach Marc Goldberg's handy alert system to YOUR dog or young puppy, but you can accomplish the training in two weeks or less. We teach you how to teach your dog to Ring the Potty Bell as a simple game making it fun for both of you. Never miss another potty break...now your dog will give you a jingle! Only $5.99.